Mental Health Reminders

Hello Falcons
There is a lot of information coming your way and the most important message is that this is NOT a vacation. The school has been closed so that you can take care of yourselves and avoid exposing yourself to the virus. Therefore, DO NOT use this time to hang out in public spaces, instead stay in your home as much as possible. 
Additionally, because of the expectations above, it is not only important to keep our bodies healthy, we must also work towards maintaining a healthy mind. 
If you start to feel worried and stressed, below are some ideas that can help you relax: 
1. Do something that brings you joy like watching a movie, listening to      music, or playing with your pets
2. Actively disconnect from media coverage about the virus
3. Take deep breaths and meditate. Here is a link to music that can help you meditate. 
4. Focus on the work assigned to you by your teachers to maintain a normal routine.
5. Talk to someone about what you are feeling
Please use this time as effectively as possible and make good choices. Make sure to keep yourself and everyone around you healthy. We love you and miss you all already! These two weeks will go by quick. Remember that you can EMAIL US ANYTIME AND ANYDAY.