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College Resources

It is never too early to start talking to students about College! Part of that conversation includes exposure to different Colleges and also creating a plan. Below are a few websites that can help in creating a plan that can set students in the right path. It is highly encouraged for students to work with parents in making a plan.



Websites that help plan for college:

To do list from the Federal Student Aid Website to helps students AND parents plan for college:

Will you be the first in you family to go to college?... Then you are a First Generation College student.  Resource for first generation students:

Need money for College?.... Scholarships are a great way to pay for College. The website below helps you find a variety of scholarship which you can apply for!

ACT Academy Website

General Information

Teachers Instructions on ACT Academy

Khan Academy is a great tool for teacher, students, and parents to help support students. Khan academy is a resource that everyone can use to help student sharpen their skills in subjects like Math, English, Science, and many other areas. Check Out the link Below: