Welcome Principal Sims

Ms. Sims


We’re proud to announce our new member to have joined the Watts Learning Center family this fall. Angelique R.Sims has been selected as the new director of Watts Learning Center Charter Middle School.


Ms. Sims found her calling in education as a teacher in Compton Unified School District, where she was also a student. She was in the eighth grade when she was told “It’s Compton, what do you expect?” in response to her question about the absence of a biology lab at her school. Since her first day in a classroom, she has been motivated to provide every student with a robust learning adventure regardless of what the classrooms lacked.


Ms. Sims graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills with degrees in communications and psychology. She received her teaching and administrative credentials at the University of California, Los Angeles, and her graduate degree in business administration at the University of Phoenix. She has taught at the primary, secondary, and higher education levels. Prior to joining the Watts Learning Center, she was the executive director of a Los Angeles charter high school, which achieved a 98% graduation rate and a 96% four-year college entry rate.


Ms. Sims brings a wealth of knowledge to the position with her experiences in teaching, administration, special education, and discipline. She is well-prepared to support the Watts Learning Center mission of providing our students with a world-class education, as well as motivating, modeling, and leading teachers to reach their fullest potential to give students an enriched academic experience.