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Short Bio

I have been a middle school teacher since the 2006-2007 school year and I absolutely love middle school, especially teaching eighth grade.  I currently teach eighth grade United States history but I have also taught seventh grade World History as well as sixth grade Ancient Civilizations.  My very first year as a teacher I taught seventh grade life science which was definitely a learning experience.  For undergraduate school, I attended UCR Riverside where I majored in History and African American Studies. I continued my studies in history by entering the Masters of Arts program at California State University, Long Beach where I also enrolled in the Single-Subject Teaching Credential Program for Social Science.
I consider teaching the most important profession an individual can pursue.  Teachers change lives and inspire young minds every day.  However, teachers can also have a negative impact if they are not committed and genuine about what it takes to truly educate their students.  As a teacher, I know that my work is not solely focused on what I can teach students about history so I also want my students to know that I care about them and that their individual success is also a victory for the community.  Students must apply  knowledge to become intellectuals and change-agents in their own communities. I want students to leave my class with a better understanding of history and how it connects to our present and impacts the future as well as the desire and commitment to be activists and advocates for themselves and their community.

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